Sometimes LIFE will smack you in the balls

Who it is

it is what it is


Husband of 1, father of 2, who sometimes says something relevant but mostly the wrong thing, can be creative, never mundane,  always on-time, never bored, can and has sat at a Panamanian boarder crossing for days on end,   lived with Emebera Indians, fished and ate Piranhas in the Amazon, chased by Giant River Otters, survived 1 plane crash, one emergency water landing and MANY close calls, dined with legitimate Princes at their castle, helped deliver 4 babies but passed out at my own sons birth, saw a space shuttle blow up at 36,000 ft , has a lisp, am a shitty speller, know this is run-on sentence and I tend to write in haikus. If you’re here for grammar, move on.